COVID-19 Information

The office is now open.

Aspen Hill General & Cosmetic Dentistry continues to work during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we remain a comfortable, safe, inclusive, and healthy environment for our patients and staff.

As we welcome patients back, we will continue to take the following sanitization measures:

• All rooms are thoroughly cleaned on all surfaces between every single patient with disinfecting wipes and/or sprays that kill all types of bacteria and viruses including the Coronavirus.

• Plastic barriers are placed where appropriate.

• All instruments are sterilized after each patient under high heat that kills all types of bacteria and viruses including the Coronavirus.

• The entire office is cleaned comprehensively on a daily basis and the waiting area is cleaned with disinfecting wipes and/or sprays throughout the day.

• All clinical staff clean their hands thoroughly with medical-grade soap and/or disinfectant before and after working with each patient.

We do ask, if you feel ill, that you please cancel your appointment and follow your doctor's orders. Please keep us updated on any diagnoses you receive so we can protect our staff and other patients.

If you have traveled to a location, domestically or internationally, where cases of COVID-19 have high risk of community transmission, please call us to determine if you should keep your appointment.

Additional information for COVID-19 in the U.S. is available on the CDC website:

CDC COVID-19 Webpage

As always, the health and safety of our patients remains our highest priority. We appreciate your efforts in helping to keep our community healthy and safe for all!